Yuletide at Millford, Ayr Mount and …

Thank you for joining us this holiday season at Millford, Ayr Mount, and the Roper House!

Wreaths on the front gates of Millford, Pinewood, SC.

Wreaths on the front gates of Millford, Pinewood, SC.

In light of Millford’s 175th Anniversary last year, we ended 2016 with some festive decorations to highlight the season as well as to celebrate this milestone in Millford’s history. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the ladies of The Azalea Garden Club of Manning, SC, for their generous offer of time and sense of beauty to decorate the halls and rooms at Millford. Over 200 people visited Yuletide at for refreshments of apple cider, cookies, and live music on the first weekend of December.

Click here to see photos from the Saturday and Sunday open house at Millford.

Also, Ayr Mount and Roper House celebrated the Yuletide season with their own decorations to highlight the unique character and location of each individual house.

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Roper2016 wreaths

Wreaths on the windows of the Roper House, facing the Battery, in Charleston, SC.

AM 2016 Dec banister

Decorations along the banister at Ayr Mount, Hillsborough, NC.

AM 2016 Winter dec

Yuletide flourishes on the mantles at Millford.


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