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A pair of cut glass double argand lamps by Johnston, Brookes Company, circa 1815.

This fall Classical American Homes Preservation Trust was very fortunate to receive as unrestricted gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Feld a handsome group of lighting devices in the classical style, including a gilded, a three-arm candle scone with eagle, an English double candle lamp by Charles Miller & Sons, circa 1831-1835, and a pair of superb cut glass double argand lamps by the London firm of Johnston, Brookes Company, circa 1815. All of these objects (see right, and below) are superb additions to the collection and will prove to be both handsome and useful when displayed at some of our various sites

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In addition, the Felds and their daughter, Elizabeth Feld Herzbeg jointly donated a richly ornamented New York pier table of the finest quality, circa 1820, which adds luster to our already distinguished collection of this quintessential 19th century American furniture form.

In 2015, Richard H. Jenrette gave to Classical American Homes the handsome neo-Palladian guest house at Edgewater, designed by Michael Dwyer and built in 1997-98. This year he complemented that wonderful gift by donating the entire contents, which includes an exceptional group of some thirty-six decorative arts objects, works on paper and garden statuary. Among these gifts are thirteen hand-colored aquatints from the Hudson River Portfolio, including No. 20, the famous view of New York from Governors Island (shown here).

Hudson River Portfolio, No. 20, view of New York from Governors Island, colored aquatint, 1824.

Hudson River Portfolio, No. 20, view of New York from Governors Island, colored aquatint, 1824.

Last but certainly not least, Margize Howell, our Co-President, gave a wonderful framed watercolor drawing of Edgewater by the architect and artist Harold Sterner (1895-1976) that once belonged to author Gore Vidal (1925-2012), from whom Mr. Jenrette purchased Edgewater in 1969. This drawing will be returned there and installed in the guest house. Interestingly enough, Mr. Jenrette knew of this watercolor drawing, which was in Gore Vidal’s bedroom when he purchased Edgewater from him. He preferred it over one that he later commissioned Sterner to complete for him in the early 1970s.  With its past ownership by Gore Vidal and its personal importance to Mr. Jenrette, the Sterner watercolor drawing is a special addition to Edgewater’s collection and history.

Thank you to all our supporters who offer and make gifts to the Classical American Homes Preservation Trust each year that add quality and depth to the collection and become part of the story that continues to be written about our sites. We are most grateful for your generosity.

Charles Miller & Sons

English double candle lamp by Charles Miller & Sons, circa 1831-1835.

Three-arm candle scone with eagle.

Three-arm candle sconce with carved eagle in the Neo-Classical style.


New York pier table, circa 1820.

New York pier table, circa 1820.

Harold Sterner, "House on the Hudson River at Barrytown, NY", watercolor.

“House on the Hudson River at Barrytown, NY” by Harold Sterner, graphite and watercolor on paper.


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