What is Cane Garden?
Cane Garden, located in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, is an example of a classical Palladian Villa, which in this case also happens to have a strong resemblance to the White House. Built in 1784, Cane Garden was extensively remodeled in the 1820s in the newly fashionable classical style, with columns added on both the front and back sides of the house.

Estate Cane Garden, as evidenced by its name, was once a sugar cane plantation owned by three generations of the McEvoy family, Scotch-Irish planters in what was then a Danish colony. The McEvoys also owned Estate Whim, whose unusual elliptical Great House is now open to the public by the St. Croix Landmarks Society. At both Cane Garden and Whim, there are extensive remains of the original sugar cane mills and related buildings.

Who owns Cane Garden?
Cane Garden remains Richard Jenrette’s private residence. Mr. Jenrette purchased Cane Garden from the Walls’ estate in 1985 and embarked on a plan to return Cane Garden to its original look, to the extent it could be ascertained. Fred Gjessing, a Danish architect working in St. Thomas, and William Taylor, a St. Croix architect, led the effort to recreate the original, which had been largely destroyed by a fire. They were aided by extensive photographs of the ruins after the fire as well as other evidence gathered in both St. Croix and Copenhagen. As a result, the present house is a replica incorporating what was left of the original house. In the future Cane Garden is slated to be given by Mr. Jenrette to CAHPT.

Where is Cane Garden?
Cane Garden is located on a high hill overlooking the Caribbean in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. The property consists of 265 acres, including a mile of beachfront land.

How can I visit Cane Garden?
Cane Garden welcomes groups year-round who are interested in learning more about the house’s history, decorative arts, grounds and architecture.

Group tours are available by appointment only. All groups must fill out the Group Tour Request form. We will be in contact shortly after submission of this form to help arrange your visit.

Please note that there is a $15/per person admission fee, with a $500 minimum for groups.

All tour proceeds are donated by Mr. Jenrette to CAHPT.

Is photography permitted?
No interior photography is allowed, except by special permission. However, books are available for purchase.

How can I support Cane Garden?
We hope you will join us in preserving, protecting and opening Cane Garden and other Classical properties for generations to come.

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