The collection at Ayr Mount is characterized by several original Kirkland pieces as well as other objects of the period. Of special interest is the Kirkland’s superb 1797s grand piano attributed to James Houston of London and William Kirkland’s portrait by Jacob Marling, which resides in a place of honor over the dining room fireplace where it has hung since 1815. Other family pieces include cut-glass crystal wassail bowls, a baby crib, family silver and other artifacts. In addition, there is period furniture attributed to Duncan Phyfe, Charles-Honoré Lannuier, John and Thomas Seymour; portraits by Ezra Ames, John Wollaston, and Matthew Jouett ; and works on paper by McKenny and Hall, Audubon and Louis Orr (a complete set of 51 etchings of North Carolina landmarks). These objects reflect the stylish taste of the Kirklands.




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